10 Mistakes New Bloggers Should Avoid


Whether you are starting a blog to increase brand awareness, profits or to express yourself, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Here is a list of 10 common mistakes new bloggers should avoid.

1. Not Having a Brand or Logo

If you want your readers to remember you and promote your brand, you need to give them something to remember you by, such as an easy to remember logo or slogan.

2. Not Getting to the Point

Blogs are always interesting unless they contain too many ideas and not enough focus. Don’t lose your readers by talking about a whole lot of nothing and failing to make your point.

3. Plagiarism

It may seem hard to create original content nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you should copy or steal content or ideas from other bloggers. If you must repeat something that has already been said, make sure you cite it properly to avoid committing plagiarism.

4. No Authority, Domain or Website

It is pretty hard to create a good blog without having a good website and domain to place it on.

5. Permalinks

Change your blog permalinks so they promote your blog titles.

6. Not Using SEO

Once you’ve written content, you don’t want it to be ignored. SEO is a great marketing avenue that all bloggers should employ to increase ranking and views. Bloggers should be willing to use a good mix of paid and free opportunities to increase their blogs credibility and ranking.

7. Not Sharing or Marketing Work

A blog only stands out if it is shared and marketed. Take advantage of the marketing and sharing tools that Google and social media sites have made available to promote your blogs.

8. Readability

If your blog posts lack proper formatting and or use weird font colors and scripts, readers aren’t going to read your blogs.

9. Be Yourself

Do not copy someone else’s voice, or your blogs will come off as inauthentic. Be yourself and use your own voice to gain the respect and loyalty of your readers.

10. Not Proofreading Before Publishing

You don’t need to be a grammatical expert in order to be a successful blogger. But you do need to proofread your work before publishing it for your readers to take you seriously.

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