Deciding on the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog


Once you’ve decided on the perfect name for you blog, your next big task is to create the perfect blog domain name. Just like the name of your blog, your domain name should be something that represents you and whatever your blog is about so your audience has no question as to the subject matter you’ll be sharing with them. Just like naming a child, naming your blog’s domain isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

A Name That Hits All of the Right Notes

While brainstorming domain names, focus on something that’s unique yet descriptive. If you like, you can also use either your own name or the name of your business if your blog is a professional one. Make sure you go by whichever name you’re most well-known by, which means including your middle initial or using a shortened version of your name if necessary. Know that even if you don’t go by your middle initial, you may have no choice but to include it or come up with another domain name if you find your name has already been taken by someone else.

If you aren’t using your name and find your chosen domain name has already been claimed, consider adding “a,” “the” or “my” to the very beginning to your name and see if you like the sound and look of it. A little creativity and a few extra letters can go a long way.

Your Extension

After you’ve decided on your main domain name, you’ll need to choose a domain extension, such as .com, .org or .net. While .biz and .us are additional options, it’s best that you not choose them for the simple fact that most people aren’t used to these extensions. With the number of hackers, viruses and security breaches out there, your potential audience might view your blog in a skeptical light and pass you right by.

Your blog domain name is just as essential as the main name of your blog. Treat it with the same degree of importance and you’re sure to reign supreme over your digital domain.

Use the following search to check if your desired domain is available:

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