Effective Ways to Properly Promote Your Blog on Social Networks


Writing an awesome blog post won’t do you much good if no one ever reads it. Social media networks are a great way to connect with your audience and let them know when you’ve published a new blog. Learn how to promote blog in the most effective manner on your social media profiles.

It’s All About Your Audience

Proper promotion all starts with your audience. Just as you narrowed down the focus of your blog according to your audience, you’ve got to narrow down your promotional efforts according to your audience. When using blog social networks, use visuals and headlines that your audience and readers are most likely to respond to in a positive manner.

Integrate Social Media on Your Blog

No matter which blogging platform you use, chances are that you can include icons on the bottom or sidebars of your posts that allow readers to share your post. You should also be sure to invite people to follow you on social media. Even if someone doesn’t come back to read future blog posts, there’s a chance they still might follow you on social media.

For Facebook

When you promote blog on Facebook, it’s best that you “like” your own posts so they show up on your newsfeed. Since people are more drawn to images, be sure to include a compelling one on your Facebook fan page. If you have the resources, you can also try paying for promoted posts to widen your reach.

For Twitter

With Twitter, you’ll want to promote your blog at least three times throughout the day to account for followers who live in different time zones. Adding hashtags to tweets about your blog posts also helps reach individuals who might be interested in your subject matter. To save yourself time, use scheduling tools to publish your tweets at specific times without you having to manually publish them.

No matter how you might feel about social media, there’s no denying that it can increase your readership and your reach. Don’t be afraid to ask your readers how they like to share interesting blog posts for deeper insight.

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