The Importance of Having a Good Title for Your Blog Post


Not only should you pay close attention to the content you put in your blog, you should also pay attention to how you choose to title your blog posts. While seemingly a minor thing, the title of your post can mean the difference between someone reading over your post in its entirety and someone skipping over it. So how do you perfect the formula for whipping up the perfect post title?

The Groundwork

Rather than bend your brain attempting to come up with a clever, concise and poignant blog post title, come up with a working title, a placeholder of sorts. Instead of a general topic, a working title is more of the result of a general topic.

For instance, if your topic is “being productive outside of work,” your working title could be “6 Ways to Stay Productive Outside of the Office.” Develop at least three working titles and continue to tweak them until you manage to capture the true essence and aim of your post.

Stay on Target

Your final title needs to be one that’s as accurate as possible. Don’t tell your readers you have six ways to remain productive outside of the office if you only have five. Something else to do is under promise and oversell with your titles; that way there’s less chance of your reader feeling disappointed after reading a mediocre post that was titled as “fantastic.” Carefully read over your blog to make sure it fulfills the inherent promise in your title.

Make it Pop

To give your title a bit of octane, don’t be afraid to use alliteration and strong phrases. Here is where it helps if you know your readers and the type of language that is more likely to make them sit up and take notice. Also, whenever it’s possible, optimize your title for SEO by adding a few well chosen keywords.

The title is more than just a string of words, it’s a door that either invites or repels. Make sure you lay out the welcome mat for the right guests and that you send them to the right address.


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