How to Make Money From Your Blog With Adsense


If you are trying to find a way to make money by blogging, why not use Google Adsense? Adsense involves the use advertisements on websites and blogs to create a reoccurring stream of revenue. As long as you are willing to learn how to use the program to your advantage, you can generate some great income in your spare time.

Design and Traffic
To attract and keep traffic to your blog, you must be careful to avoid having ads placed in areas where they take away attention from your brand and logo. The design of your blog is very important. It needs to be designed in a manner that keeps visitors on your site. Pay special attention to the upper left corner and center of your blog. These areas are where you should place your brand or logo to promote your presence. You should also place information as to why your visitors should remain on your blog and what they can expect. The best place to put your ads is in the right lower portion of the screen so you can still make money if your visitors click the ads.

Adsense Campaign
Focus on building your Adsense campaign around your content and website. You don’t need to worry about using ads from direct competitors on your site. However, you do want to use ads that belong to the same niche your content represents. Use keywords that are directly related to your content to encourage your traffic to click on your ad links so you can make revenue.

Don’t expect to make money off your blog and Adsense account without putting forth any effort. You still need to promote your blog so can you gain new visitors. Try to have at least three ads on your blog website at any given time to maximize your revenue potential. Use more than three ads and you risk losing your visitors because your blog has a spammy feel.
Keep in mind that you need to develop a good balance between your blog’s design, keywords, ads and marketing efforts. Don’t expect to see maximum profits right away. Keep working and modifying your strategies as often as needed to take advantage of all potential Adsense income.


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