How to open a blog on


WordPress is a special type of website architecture that is very convenient for organizing information. The WordPress architecture is perfectly suited for blogs, which is what sites like specialize in. This is perhaps the most popular WordPress-based blogging sites though there are several others. Getting started on each one is pretty much the same, so you can apply these guidelines to your chosen host site.

Creating Your First Blog

When you visit, you will immediately see a button inviting you to create a website. The website you create is going to be your blog’s home. Once you click this button you will be taken to a text entry field where you can enter whatever name you would like your site to have. It is good idea to have a few site names in mind since hosts many blogs; your first name choice may have already been taken by someone else.

Once your name choice has been accepted, you are ready to get started creating a blog that perfectly reflects your style and taste. All of this takes place on your dashboard, which is the administrative page you view upon completing your registration.

Customizing Your New Blog

Though you can select the Posts menu item on the left of the screen and begin writing your very first blog entry, you might want to adjust the appearance of your blog a little bit first. Select the Appearance menu item. This is where you can adjust features such as:

  • WordPress theme
  • The title and subtitle of your blog
  • Background colors (unless otherwise assigned by your chosen theme)
  • Custom header images
  • Sidebar tools and widgets (such as social media connectivity)

Play around with some of these settings and see what you like best. One of the advantages of the WordPress architecture is just how dynamic it really is.

Share Your Blog With the World

Now that you have a dedicated site, you can share your blog with other people. Boost its presence on social media and begin connecting with other bloggers. Pretty soon, you will have developed a large network of readers.