Why Start a Blog?


Great Reasons to Start Blogging

Do you love sharing your opinions? Have you ever wanted to express yourself creatively? Writing is a great way to share your ideas in with the world and many people choose a blog as their preferred platform. But why start a blog as opposed to sharing your ideas in any other way?

A Totally Open Platform

To start with, a blog gives you total freedom of expression. You can write virtually anything you want; once you open a blog, you can control the content. These are just a few examples of the creative work bloggers have done:

  • Fiction and serial stories
  • Illustrated articles
  • Essays
  • Plays, screenplays, and scripts
  • Poems and verse
  • Songs and musical compositions
  • Photography accompanied by personal reflections
  • Travel journals
  • Creative cooking
  • DIY and tutorials

As you can see, your subject matter is wide open. In fact, many people with a blog start by responding to things that other people have written. That brings us to the next great thing about blogging.

Instant Audience Engagement

When an author publishes a book, they might wait a long time to hear any feedback from their readers. Bloggers can gain a dedicated readership very quickly, which often leads to stimulating conversations. As other bloggers get to know your material, they might reblog and respond to the things you write. The high degree of interactivity possible on blogs is something that many writers really love.

Making Writing Fun Again

People who love to write generally never lack for projects to work on. There is always some new story or essay to dive into. That said, writer’s block is a problem for even the most dedicated scribbler. One good way to bust through writer’s block is to work on an entirely different project. Since blogging can be informal and free-form, it offers a great sandbox for creativity when other projects have stalled.